NoiseFit Mettle- Crafted to Perfection

From elegance in design to excellence in features, Noise has been leading the market. The latest addition to our collection, the new NoiseFit Mettle is built to stand out from the rest.  This smartwatch ensures that daily tasks become much more seamless and hands-free when this smart wearable is on your wrist.

It comes with a sophisticated and premium dial to complement your sense of style. But it goes much beyond just a fashion accessory. It is loaded with innovative features that make fitness tracking much more convenient.

Embrace this perfect combination of style and functionality and stay on top of both your fashion and health. Find out why the NoiseFit Mettle stands out from the rest.

Since “Bold” is Your Fashion Statement 

NoiseFit Mettle is the latest addition to our line of sophisticated and durable smartwatches. It comes with a metallic build, giving you a rugged, premium and bold look.

Matching with the premium build body, you also get metallic straps which further complement its overall aesthetic.

You can wear this smartwatch on any occasion and at anytime. With the bold, beautiful and premium look that NoiseFit Mettle comes with, it will let you stay ahead of your peers in the game called fashion.

Because Squinting is Not Smart

Screen size and clarity on it matters the most when you want to enjoy every pixel in complete detail. NoiseFit Mettle features a stunning 1.4 inches HD display coupled with 550 nits brightness to make your smartwatch screen a visual masterpiece.

We know you cannot afford missing notifications only because the sun is too bright. Gone will be those days when you had to squint on your screen during challenging lighting conditions. With NoiseFit Mettle, every detail will come alive with sharp breathtaking clarity and rich vibrant colour. Tracking fitness goals or browsing menus and in-built apps, every task will now be more engrossing than ever before.

When Quick Action is Time’s Demand

The smartwatch comes with single-chip BT to make pairing blazing fast and hassle-free, setting a new standard in terms of connectivity. With the latest BT v5.3, you can stay connected from a longer range. Be assured of clear and stable calls via BT calling even when your smartphone is away.

A quick connection is not the only thing in this smartwatch to complement your fast-paced life. On this feature-rich device, you will get a dial pad to make calls on-the-go directly from your wrist. This gives you more agility and freedom. No longer do you need to bring out your phone for every small task.

Furthermore, you also get the facility to save up to 10 contacts and get access to the list of recent calls. You can save much of your precious time and make calls quickly with just a few taps on your wrist.

Since You Want to Do Less and Get More

Adding to its elegance and advanced functionality, Noise has integrated the functional crown on the dial of the NoiseFit Mettle. It makes the interaction with the smartwatch more intuitive. You can access the menu, apps and other features simply by manoeuvring the crown.

It can also help you access settings and watch faces. Make necessary changes within a few seconds using this smart feature. Besides letting you do tasks conveniently, the functional crown also adds much to the sophistication and aesthetics of the smartwatch. NoiseFit Mettle can help you make a definitive fashion statement given its classy design and cutting-edge technology.

Never Go Missing in Action

NoiseFit Mettle comes with up to 7 days of battery life. Combine this with BT v5.3 and you notice a further reduction in your battery consumption.

Stay ready for week-long adventures since you do not have to charge as frequently. Pursue everything without any interruption and get more done through each week.

For More Options to Beat Boredom

Why would you adjust with the same watch face day after day? NoiseFit Mettle has 100+ watch faces. Set a watch face you like from the NoiseFit app and change it as you wish

You can change the present one whenever it becomes boring and monotonous. There are vast options to match moods, moments and more. With this smartwatch, you get all the means to freely express your true self.

To Get the Kick of Reckless Adventures

Now that the NoiseFit Mettle comes with IP68 water and dust resistance, you no longer have to be bothered with the protection of your smartwatch. It can withstand water splashes and dirt without compromising performance.

Take it as your perfect companion in outdoor activities worry-free. Stay confident and move in style when it drizzles with NoiseFit Mettle on your wrist.

Since Health Can Never Be Second Priority

With NoiseFit Mettle, you can monitor and get a holistic update on your health status. It is integrated with the feature of Noise Health Suite™ that lets you track:

  • Heart rate
  • SpO2 status
  • Sleep duration
  • Level of stress
  • Breathing status
  • Female cycle tracking

Based on your health metrics, you can take the necessary measures to stay on top of your fitness.

To track your health status with precision, you also get  120 sports modes, including running, cycling, swimming and yoga. You will have to select a mode based on your activity.

The smartwatch will track your performance in real-time and give you comprehensive health reports, including time involved, calories burnt, distance covered, and more. With a proper analysis of your performance, you can set your daily targets and improve your sports activity gradually.

NoiseFit Mettle comes with all the smart features that let you complete tasks with just a few taps on your wrist. You get additional features like a smart and intuitive functional crown, making navigation seamless. From seamless connectivity and notification tracking to monitoring of health status, with the smart watch at your wrist, you can perform tasks with ease. So, get NoiseFit Mettle for you and experience the convenience of doing things like never before.

FAQs about NoiseFit Mettle

  • What are the productivity features available in NoiseFit Mettle?

NoiseFit Mettle comes with productivity features like reminders, weather and calculator.

  • How many colour options do I get with NoiseFit Mettle?

It is available in four different colours. These are Elite black, Elite silver, Elite nickel and Elite blue.

  • Which app do I have to use to track my health status with NoiseFit Mettle?

You will have to connect your NoiseFit Mettle with the NoiseFit app to monitor your health status.

  • How many days can NoiseFit Mettle run with a full charge?

Once you charge NoiseFit Mettle completely, it can run for up to 7 days. However, depending on usage and display wake time, the battery life may vary.

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